www.gardensofparadise.com   Couples are always looking for ways to make their weddings different and memorable for  years to come.  Picnic wedding, anyway you might choose to do it are a summertime favorite. You can go fancy, and set up blankets and pillows with centerpieces and baskets of food, or you can go really casual with brown paper lunch bags. Dressed up or dressed down, picnic weddings are all in the details. Having said that,  below some great ideas for your picnic wedding at Gardens of Paradise.

The fine details of course is what makes one picnic wedding different  from the other and really says something personal about you as a couple. From a Southern Comfort style lemonade stand, to boxed lunch on a simple table set up, creativity is unlimited for Picnic Weddings. Check out www.etsy.com   and www.thesugardiva.com
for some great ideas for your picnic wedding.