For an upcoming wedding here at Gardens of Paradise, we’re designing our very own Lemonade Stand!  For the drinking vessels we decided to purchase a large amount of mason jars, as they fit in with the lemonade theme just perfectly.  However, once the wedding is over and done with, the question becomes “what do we do with these NOW?!”  Fear not, my friends.  After doing a little blogging research, I came across some great DIY ideas using mason jars to their fullest potential.

Blue Velvet Chair: Recycle – Repurpose – Relove has some wonderful all purpose ideas on how to reuse mason jars; my favorite being a creative way to design mason jar chandeliers.

Apartment Therapy

At Gardens of Paradise, we love the idea of hanging lanterns and different kinds of lights from carious trees around our property.  Specializing in outdoor weddings, we are always looking for new hanging lights ideas.  We love these mason jar chandelier idea!  For more ideas check out Blue Velvet Chair.

Next up, we have mason jar floating candle centerpieces from Emmaline Bride (with a cute name like that, how can i resist?!).  These centerpieces are the perfect addition to an outdoor wedding with perhaps a rustic of country theme.  All you need to buy for these pieces are the mason jars, long-burning floating candles and some decorative ribbon or rafia to tie around the top of the jar.  Add a little water and you’re good to go!  Aren’t they cute?

Labor of Love

Change it up and use these hanging mason jar lanterns instead.  They are a timeless and classic addition to any outside event, especially an outdoor garden wedding.  You may hang them from from trees, or on the chairs down the aisle…pretty much anywhere!  Check out Intimate Weddings for this DIY idea.

Intimate Weddings

Last but not least, don’t forget to use the mason jars as flower holders.  These two go together likes peas in a pod.  You can keep it simple and use the mason jars as flower centerpieces on a table, or add a unique twist by hanging them from the aisle chairs as seen below.  Check out Concrete & Lullabies for more mason jar centerpiece ideas.

Concrete & Lullabies