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With fall weddings right around the corner, what perfect way to say “I Do” with a sheek rustic-inspired outdoor wedding. We love the idea of using wood & log pieces as a theme throughout a wedding. They not only infuse a rustic element, but they assist in tying together the outdoor wedding theme. Check out these rustic log bowl centerpieces…Kudos to Emmaline Bride.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are the perfect addition for your table.  You can find them on Pinterest.

Emmaline Bride

If you’re thinking of using the log bowls at your table, then you must check out these rustic wooden cake plates. As seen on Emmaline Bride as well; they can be used for the cake or table centerpieces. Maybe you’d like to use them at the gift table to add some extra rustic spice. Check out Once Wed for a DIY rustic wedding cake stand.

Emmaline Bride

Need some more ideas? We LOVE!! You can find anything and everything for your perfect wedding on this website. These rustic log candle holders are another great addition to the table centerpiece or could be used during the ceremony.

This wood bench is the final touch for your rustic-style wedding. Check out Elizabeth Anne Designs for some more ideas. This wooden farmhouse estate table is the ultimate romantic and rustic addition.

Elizabeth Anne Designs


For an upcoming wedding here at Gardens of Paradise, we’re designing our very own Lemonade Stand!  For the drinking vessels we decided to purchase a large amount of mason jars, as they fit in with the lemonade theme just perfectly.  However, once the wedding is over and done with, the question becomes “what do we do with these NOW?!”  Fear not, my friends.  After doing a little blogging research, I came across some great DIY ideas using mason jars to their fullest potential.

Blue Velvet Chair: Recycle – Repurpose – Relove has some wonderful all purpose ideas on how to reuse mason jars; my favorite being a creative way to design mason jar chandeliers.

Apartment Therapy

At Gardens of Paradise, we love the idea of hanging lanterns and different kinds of lights from carious trees around our property.  Specializing in outdoor weddings, we are always looking for new hanging lights ideas.  We love these mason jar chandelier idea!  For more ideas check out Blue Velvet Chair.

Next up, we have mason jar floating candle centerpieces from Emmaline Bride (with a cute name like that, how can i resist?!).  These centerpieces are the perfect addition to an outdoor wedding with perhaps a rustic of country theme.  All you need to buy for these pieces are the mason jars, long-burning floating candles and some decorative ribbon or rafia to tie around the top of the jar.  Add a little water and you’re good to go!  Aren’t they cute?

Labor of Love

Change it up and use these hanging mason jar lanterns instead.  They are a timeless and classic addition to any outside event, especially an outdoor garden wedding.  You may hang them from from trees, or on the chairs down the aisle…pretty much anywhere!  Check out Intimate Weddings for this DIY idea.

Intimate Weddings

Last but not least, don’t forget to use the mason jars as flower holders.  These two go together likes peas in a pod.  You can keep it simple and use the mason jars as flower centerpieces on a table, or add a unique twist by hanging them from the aisle chairs as seen below.  Check out Concrete & Lullabies for more mason jar centerpiece ideas.

Concrete & Lullabies

The summer is definitely here which means it’s time to find ways to cool off on those hot sunny days.  With wedding season in full swing, I thought Gourmet popsicles are on the trend uptick and would be an adorable addition to a Summer weddings.

Take into account the melting factors, so make sure you have somewhere to keep them from melting.  Colorful popsicles is a great way to  include something unique into your big day without much on the expense side. You can easily turn this into a DIY project if you wanted to and make them yourself if you’re having a backyard or a more intimate wedding. You know how I love those!

Below are some amazing inspiration. If you’re looking for some great ideas and recipes, check out Pops! By Kristina Castella .Highly recommended. If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking to purchase great colorful popsicles (see above image), visit The Pop Shop who will deliver to you. Pop Shop pops are 100% natural, guilt-free indulgence. Handmade with organic sugar and seasonal farmers’ market produce and have no high-fructose corn syrup. You can’t go wrong.

Images from Martha StewartMandy Pantz via Shauna Younge’s Sweet ToothTartelette (sandwiches and ribboned pops), Martha StewartPops! by Krystina Castella, and Martha Stewart.

Just recently, I went on a wild goose chase after the perfect crystal beaded picture frames to use for table numbers that will go perfectly with the crystal candelabra centerpieces for an upcoming wedding for a client. After searching high and low, and finding way over -priced frames ($20-33 each), and even considering a new business of importing frames from overseas, I decided to take on the Martha Stewart Challenge and the “Do It Yourself” approach. I was a bit hesitant at the beginning, but at the end of the day, the picture frames came out great. Yes, I am now considered a triple-threat and competition for Martha Stewart, but most importantly, I have  a very happy bride. The cost of materials was around $10 each without calculating the time and effort put forth.

Here is what you will need:

4 rows stranded crystal beads by the yard

basic white or silver 5×7 picture frames ($3-4 each)

Clear cement glue

Costume Jewelry flower rings ($10 for 15 rings)

Wood picks for applying glue

If you live in Los Angeles you can purchase all the crystals, glue, wood picks and costume jewelry rings at Beads & Trims in downtown Los Angeles. If you don’t, you can go on their site and order over the phone. They will ship anywhere. The owner of the store is very knowledgeable and will also give you great tips for other great wedding ideas. Picture frames you can get at Michael’s or any other arts and crafts store near you.

Step 1) First cut the strand on 4 row crystal beads into two rows

Step 2) Measure the length of each side of the frame and cut the strand to the appropriate size. I highly advise to first cut all the lengths you need before starting with the glue, as the glue does get messy and you do not want to handle the crystal strands with sticky hands.

Step 3) First glue the two longer length of the frames (the 7″). After you have done so on both sides, glue on the shorter sides.

Step 4) Twist off the band off the costume jewelry and apply glue on the corner of the frame where you plan on having the flower.

Step 5) Make sure that the strands glued around the frame are straight as once the glue dries, you cannot more it.

Good luck!